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Why do people with a good maxilla almost always have a good body?

For the past few years I’ve been talking to various people about my story and how your dental occlusion relates to your posture.  They invariably are almost always skeptical at first and so I’ve learned not to even try and convince them.  But rather challenge them to make a few observations and let them convince themselves of the relationship.

One of my favorite such challenges was to look at a person’s jaw angle from a profile view.

If it is long and horizontal (like the girl below) the person will almost always have a good body.  But if it drops off a lot on a slant as if they have no chin, then often they will not have a very good body.  From nearly three years of observing this single thing in thousands of people I feel pretty comfortable saying it is true at least 98% of the time.

But the thing was… I never really understood why.

I had some theories yes… but never truly understood it.  However lately one piece of the puzzle was filled in for me by Marcello and I have a very strong feeling I understand the direct correlation now.

So what are the various pieces of the puzzle?

  1. There is a natural  ‘molar lever’ in the mouth of people that have developed correctly.  The lever is on the lingual cusp of the first molar and the fact that the upper teeth extend beyond the lower front teeth is what allows the lever to work when you chew.
  2. Now imagine the first molars as the fulcrum in a lever like a seesaw.  Every time you bite down the upper front jaw and lower front jaw will get pushed towards each other but the teeth will not hit each other in the front as there is a slight overbite.  Instead the upper front teeth will push down on one side of the seesaw pushing the other end up.  And that other end is the cranial base.  It is this upward press upwards that puts a constant tug upwards on the spine when you are chewing and swallowing.
  3. What I learned with Starecta is that this upwards tug on the cranium can actually pull the spine straight with time.  And so in a natural mouth I think that is exactly what happens to keep you in good posture.  Your spine probably goes into various subluxations due to minor injuries, sleeping the wrong way, etc.  But if you have a proper bite with a lever on the first molars, the spine will get pulled upwards correcting itself.  And if you don’t than your problems will deepen.
  4. So back to the maxilla.. If you accept everything above as abiding by the laws of physics and your jaw basically works like a class 1 lever (ie. like a seesaw) on the first molars than you will also accept that the longer the board the more leverage there is.  Thus if the front part of the board is longer, than you will have more downward force with each bite.  And voila you have it!  A person with a properly developed maxilla will have a very long board.  And thus with each chew they are putting more downward force on the front part of the seesaw, which then puts more upwards force on the back part (which pulls up the cranium).  And by pulling up the cranium they are keeping the spine straight, thus allowing muscles to continue to develop properly and not go into a twisting pattern as what happens with most obese people.

And there you have it!

Longer maxilla = longer front part of seesaw = more downward force on front part of seesaw when biting = more upward force on cranium = pulling of the skeleton upwards = body stays in good shape.

I’m not 100% its true… but sounds damn logical!


Malocclusion is probably the leading cause of divorce in America

Ok so yes I know its a super radical title and you are probably thinking…  “yeah yeah this guy is full of it”…  but hear me out for a minute.

I came up with the title due to my own experience.  In 2014 I was having horrible symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, blurriness of vision and lots of muscle tension through my back and neck.  Also my neurological system was definitely impacted and I was very emotional and had unhealthy thoughts every evening.  It was as if my brain had lost its ability to think rationally and was instead jumping between extreme emotions.

It was at that time that I was arguing with my wife nearly every night.  The main reason in my mind was that I needed to ‘toughen’ her up for a life in which she may need to be the main breadwinner in case I never figured out the solution to my problems, which by the way I hadn’t figured out in 15+ years of visiting ~100 docs/dentists.  And so at the time the odds looked pretty slim of me figuring it out.  And by the way at the time, due to the brain fog, I would have been lucky if I could have held down a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s.  In fact every night I would dream of not having to return to work the next morning, and instead longed for a simple job at McDonald’s or something like that.

So it was not surprising, having just given birth to her first child back in fall 2014, that my wife did not take well to these arguments that I triggered.  Especially since she was born as a traditional Ukrainian woman where the man was supposed to be the breadwinner and women were supposed to take care of the kids.   And it was not long before I could honestly say that our marriage was seriously on the rocks.  For awhile I had constant fears of my wife asking for a divorce and her moving back to Ukraine with my child without me.  This luckily did not happen as I found Starecta in November 2014 and started ridding myself of the symptoms within the next several months.  The impact on my behavior, my confidence, and our marriage was immediate.  Things started improving fast and I stopped having the irrational thoughts.  And stopped all of the stupid arguments.  And since then our marriage has been quite healthy and I have never had thoughts anything like what was happening on a daily basis back in mid-2014.

So reflecting on this experience I started paying attention to other marriages for the past year or so.  And generally observed the following:

  1. Most of the relationships I see among friends/people I know, which are not doing well, have at least one person with fairly bad maloclussion.  This also goes for every couple I know that has divorced.
  2. Every couple I have seen where neither person has a malocclusion was very healthy.  Admittedly I only know a handful of these but they are all the ‘lovey-dovey’ types who piss everyone off by doing cheezy lovey-dovey stuff like they just started dating even though they have been together for a number of years.

Why do I think this happens?

  1. One person is thinking irrationally / emotionally due to the neurological system
  2. The person without the malocclusion will start to feel a dis-balance in the relationship.  They married a person that they considered their equal, but then all of a sudden some years on their partner has clearly declined significantly.  In some cases having put on a lot of weight due to the body compensation as a result of the malocclusion.
  3. The malocclusion puts pressure on the couple’s financial situation.  Often the person impacted does not perform as well at work, the medical bills start racking up, etc.
  4. The malocclusion also impacts the social circle of the couple.  The person impacted will tend to socialize less over time and perhaps lose touch with having an active social life.  And this will put pressure on the couple as the less effected person will find this strange and want to socialize more.

Do I think every couple that divorces is due to malocclusion?

No of course not. But do I think its probably at the root cause of a very high percentage?  Yes.

Do I expect you to just believe me after reading this article?

No, you would be a fool to.

But do I challenge you to begin observing for some of the things I have stated above?


Rotating the maxilla

One thing that a lot of people mistakenly believe is that they simply need to push their maxilla forward.  For most people this is probably incorrect.  They actually need to rotate their maxilla as it has rotated out of position.  And by blindly pushing forward you could actually be rotating it further in the wrong direction.

So how do you tell that your maxilla is rotated?

Simple… you suck very hard on a straw and look at yourself in the mirror as shown in the picture above.  This will very clearly show you which  side is sunken back and which is forward.  Plus it should show you clearly which side is higher and which is lower.  Note that the maxilla has three planes of movement just like an airplane.

How to unrotate the maxilla?

So i’ll put a full disclosure that this is still very much work in progress for me but I already see some decent progress.  However I believe Marcello has already achieved this and has seen the benefits.  This is what I have been working on:

  1. Loosen the cranial bones at the sutures.  This is probably best done by wearing an ALF for at least 6 months and doing a lot of myofunctional work like sucking your tongue to the roof of the mouth and clicking your tongue.
  2. Ensure that contact between upper and lower teeth allows for rotation.  I, for example, wear a splint where indexed contact is only on the anterior / labial cusp of the first molar.  And I ensure there is no contact on the sides of the tooth so that things can rotate.
  3. Wear ear plugs, go in a dark room and then on the side that needs to rotate forward put your thumb behind the second molar.  For me this is my right side so I use my left hand thumb to push forward behind the right side 2nd molar.  Then I use my right hand thumb to push forward and left on the right side of the forward omega loop of my alf.  As I push with both thumbs I listen for a rubbery sound, which kind of sounds like tissue stretching.  Do that for a bit then stop.
  4. Check your dental contacts on the lower splint and drill off any contacts on the lateral walls of the cusp that is around the first molar.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Why do I believe 100% of obesity is dental in its root cause?

So let me start off by saying that I spent the first 38 of my 40 years believing what everyone else does.  That you get fat by eating too much and doing too little exercise.  And while I’ve been skinny for most of my life I have tried things like Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Body diet (high fat / low carb / 1-cheat day) to shed pounds and get more tone.  Which taught me the important lesson that the body does not work on calories in / calories burned because I essentially increased my calorie intake by 50-70% while doing the same amount of exercise, and shed significant weight.  That was back in 2009-11.

Fast forward a few years to mid-2015.  I was about 6 months into Starecta to correct some horrible symptoms like brain fog and muscle tightness in my neck and back when I noticed that my body was getting toner and toner without me doing anything.  I was, in general, doing less exercise than I had in the past 5 years and yet shedding pounds and developing perhaps the best body I had in my life.  I even got so cocky at one point as to eat cheesecake before bed every night and pasta for dinner most nights, and I was still shedding weight.

Not only that but my body was getting more symmetric (ie. my shoulders became more level) and I started to feel significantly more testosterone than I had in a long time.  At the time I had only a rudimentary understanding of why this was happening, but with my numerous iterations over the past couple years I feel like I understand it much better.  When the spine unwinds and the skull begins to sit back over its axis on top of the skeleton, the entire body starts returning to symmetry and everything works much better….  hormones, you develop muscle faster, your immune system works better, you feel more energy, you feel stronger, etc.

So now let’s get back to my thesis… that all obesity is dental in origin

I will approach this by listing out observations:

  1. For the past two years I’ve been paying attention to skulls and body structures of pretty much everyone I pass.  Yes, I mean pretty much everyone.  Thousands and thousands of people…. And what I noticed is that 100% of obese people are twisted.  Meaning that if you compare their legs to a pro athlete or a model, you would see very clearly that they are more twisted.
  2. For the past ~2 years I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to kids as I have my own three year old son and have been waging war against his mouth breathing.  What I noticed after watching probably thousands of other kids his age is that many have already started to get chubby.  And those who are chubby also have twisted legs.  There are also those who have twisted legs and are not chubby yet (like my son).  However there is absolutely no kids who are chubby that do not have twisted legs.
  3. What I have concluded from arguments 1 & 2 using Socrates type logic is:
    – since all obese people have twisted legs
    – and all kids twist first, then get obese and not vice versa
    – therefore obesity must be caused by twisting
  4. Note that what I am essentially saying is that 100% of obesity is due to twisting, but I AM NOT SAYING that everyone who is twisted will become obese.  And the reason for that is that the skeleton compensates for this twisting in different ways and a number of other factors are at play.  It is kind of like why buildings when they become faulty will collapse in different ways.

Now I will explain why twisting is due to maloclussion

5. There was a dentist named Gerber in the 1950’s from Zurich who created the concept of the ‘lingualized bite’.  Basically the inner (lingual) cusp of the upper molars should fit inside the cusp of the lower molars, which should be of a condylar shape.  Then during the act of chewing the torque that is generated is contained within this cusp rather than translating onto the spine.  But if the cusps are drilled off then basically the spine takes the torque and will, over time, twist.    Marcello explains this in his blog much better than I do here, so you can check that out here.  He also happens to be a perfect example of how this works.  Basically he had proper condylar shaped cusps and was a very healthy adult athlete who went to a dentist that believed the cusps were not needed and drilled them all off.  A day or so later Marcello was in cervical dystonia (ie. uncontrollable muscle spasms) with a twisted spine and was essentially a legal invalid.  Luckily he is one smart mofo and also came upon starecta, which mimics the cusps by using an indexed lower splint.  And over time he untwisted his spine and became fully functional.

6. So if you accept that if your upper molars do not fit inside your lower molars in a proper intercuspal bite that this will result in twisting of the spine… then you basically also accept that any kid or adult that has a maloclussion (like crossbite or edge-to-edge) where the teeth do not fit together like this will start to have his spine twist.  And what pediatric dentists will tell you these days is that probably 70%+ of kids (even at the toddler age) are in malocclusions like crossbite… and what I am seeing empirically is that about 70% of kids this age are twisted (though obesity is a bit less still).  On top of that, for the kids who are twisted whom I’ve had the opportunity to look inside their mouth (I’d put this number at around 40-50 in the past 2 years), they all had maloclussions where cusps did not fit together and lock properly.

Voila! You now understand why so many kids are twisting these days!  And as we proved that twisting results in obesity above, you now know why they get obese.

But hey wait…  doesn’t physics say that energy cannot be created or destroyed?  And therefore calories cannot mysteriously disappear but rather must be expended in some way.

7.  Answer: Yes.  So how are they expended faster in a healthier functioning body?  Why in 2015 did I get into great shape while eating more crap?  And here is where you must understand a bit about the neurological system.  One of the favorite tricks of certain ALF dentists is to show that you are much stronger when your teeth are correctly positioned and your tongue is on the roof of your mouth.  They demonstrate this thru a simple strength test by pushing down on your arm, and you notice that when your bite is in the correct position with tongue on roof you are 2-3x more effective at resisting.

So if you are essentially 2-3x stronger when your bite is in the correct position, would this not then infer that you are expending more calories to have this strength?  YES.  And this is why the laws of physics are not broken.


So a few last words…

Do I think there are missing pieces of the puzzle in what I have described above?


But do I also think that I am directionally very correct because I’ve seen this consistently in thousands of people over a two year period?

Also, yes.  And if you challenge yourself to make the same observations I’m pretty sure you’ll convince yourself of what I am saying.

Does this essentially mean that the entire world, and especially America, are approaching this obesity problem in a completely wrong way?

Definitely!  People are twisted and they are running and hitting the gym thinking that will make them better.  But the laws of physics dictate the exact opposite.  They will only twist themselves up more and make things worse.  Sure they may lose some weight in the short-term but they will put it back on later, and with a worse structure.


And I know there will be plenty of you that will conclude this to be BS… but just remember that at the end its pretty simple…

IF you can either show that not all obese people have twisted legs

OR that kids can get obese without twisting

THEN I am wrong and I will be the first to admit it (however this would come as a surprise as it contracts with what I’ve observed for nearly 2 years)

BUT if you cannot prove either of those statements, then I pretty much must be right.

BECAUSE if the obesity and twisting were mere correlation and not causal, it would be impossible statistically that all obese people are also twisted.

And that’s it folks…  there’s nothing like letting simple logic dictate who is right and wrong.

The Crossbite Splint: Explanation and cure to why 90%+ of people today are walking around twisted

First let me start off by stating clearly the fact that I have discovered nothing here.  It was all Marcello.  That guy is a friggin genius and I honestly believe he’s one of the greatest minds out there on this topic.  Despite the fact that he has no dental degree.  But he is mix of researcher and health hacker like me.  Only he is loads better then me at understanding how all the technical details work.

So what was discovered?  Well basically even as far back as two years ago Marcello was saying in his posts that the condylar shaped cusps of your molars are critical to correct posture (see his post about condylar shaped teeth here).  Because when you have a proper intercuspal bite the upper  and lower cusps fit into each neatly and contain the torque forces that are generated when you chew.

However if you no longer have cusps, or if you have an edge-to-edge or a cross-bite than essentially the torque forces are no longer contained. And instead translate onto your spine twisting it like a rope.

And Marcello was a perfect example of this when his cusps were drilled off by a dentist and he rapidly fell into cervical dystonia.  Now I’d been hearing this for over two years but never truly ‘got it’ till recently.

To understand why i’ll back up and give a bit of history.  In 2014 I had horrible symptoms like brain fog, chronic fatigue, and tightness in my back and neck all the time.  By chance I found Starecta and it took me out of my symptoms, and then got me into some amazing posture.  I felt better than I had for like 20 years with my testosterone levels on full charge back in 2015.  But then  for some reason the progress flatlined and even reversed at some points as I kept experimenting and iterating.  While the symptoms never came back, I was never quite able to get back t how great I felt in mid-2015.

Then in mid-2016 I started ALF and while I got some good expansion of the arches and skull, my body and posture seemed to even get worse.  I didn’t quite get why till I put cusps back on my lower splint (note that the lower splint I had been using was more or less flat plane).  The cusps of starecta prevent the torque forces from translating onto the spine.  So by using cusps (i was just using the inner cusps at the time) I was gradually able to improve my posture a bit.  But still never to the point that I had achieved in 2015.

That is when I tried the crossbite splint.

The crossbite splint works by directing the torque forces that are generated when you chew to essentially untwist your spine.  You do this by supporting only a single side of the cusps on both the left and right arch as you see in the pic of the crossbite splint above. Read more about it on Marcello’s blog here.

And its genius because essentially wearing this for one day is like seeing an osteopath and doing exercises for a year.  Think about it…  if you twisted a rope (ie. your spine) what is the best way to untwist it?  You need to untwist it from the top or bottom.  And the crossbite splint essentially untwists from the top.  Everything that body workers do in the middle of the rope is essentially a waste of time because it never untwists anything.

Here is a good explanation by Marcello on a comment he made recently…

crossbite splint


So what are the implications  of this?

Well let me just state straight out that the implications are huge.




Why?  Because this exact thing explains why 90% of the population around me here in the US is walking around twisted (and mind you that after awhile of being twisted all the time, obesity almost always closely follows).  Just have a look at how people walk around you…  how twisted their knees and pelvises are.  The stuff is rampant.

And basically if you don’t have an intercuspal locking bite like this one below (which probably around 90% of modern people do not have due to malocclusion) than essentially the torque that should have been contained in your condylar shaped teeth are translated onto your spine.  And your spine starts to twist up like a rope. It is as simple as that!!

intercuspal bite

So does this mean that every single child in America who does not have an intercuspal locking bite will essentially have their spine twist up?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.  And you see it all around you.  Just open your eyes.

Does this probably explain why America and western countries are so obese?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.


So how do we fix ourselves or our kids?

Well it’s simple actually?  You untwist their spine and then  ensure that they lock that position in with a proper intercuspal bite.  And for this your tools of the trade are a crossbite splint and starecta.  Pure and simple.


Doing this will also give you some great symmetry and muscle tone in your face

I am a perfect example… I started using the crossbite splint on Sunday and the change in the muscle tone and symmetry  of my face are pretty damn amazing.  I won’t post here because I don’t really like posting pics of myself publicly, so you will need to take my word for it.  And simply try it for yourself and see just how powerful this is.

Here is an explanation for this effect that Marcello wrote


So let me end this by saying a few things…

… is this probably one of the biggest goddamn missing pieces in the puzzle that even the top dentists in the world are missing?  YES

…will the majority of the world probably not get this message for another generation or so, and result in twisted adults with shitloads of health problems (like neurological diseases)?  YES

…is it possible that this above point completely bankrupts the medical system in the US?  YES


Your occlusion defines how you age. Period.

I was browsing my facebook newsfeed yesterday when I came upon an old college friend that I hadn’t seen in many years and hadn’t seen a post from in a long time.  What surprised me by the photo was what did not surprise me…  that she looked amazing.  Even better at the age of 40 then she did when I knew her at the age of 20.  Beautiful smile and perfect body with features that seemed not a day older than 30.

We had traveled together on the Semester at Sea program back in 1998 and while she was attractive, what defined her most was an amazing smile.  She smiled superbly with ease and could light up a room with her smile.  Also she seemed to always be happy and upbeat, even when the situation or company around her was not.  At the time I thought these were mysteriously amazing facets of her personality… now I understand them to be completely common elements when you have such amazing dental and facial development (=proper hormone flow).

Meanwhile I kept browsing and saw several old high school friends… they almost all fit into the fat and highly aged category.  Despite the fact that I remember most of them being skinny in high school.


So why is it that very good smiles lead us to age much better?  Well its simple actually… our skulls and skeletons breakdown faster with asymmetry.  As you would expect any structure that abides by the laws of physics to.  Just think of a car that you continue to drive after it is out of alignment… what will happen?  It will breakdown much faster and in general you will put far more wear and tear into it.

Athletes, models, and attractive actors are all pretty good examples of this fact…  for example:

  1. Sean Connery
    sean connery
  2. Christie Brinkley
    christie brinkley
  3. Carmen Del Orifice (82)


Nose Breathing: The Key to a Child’s Behavior

I have a son who is soon turning three and  so he has been growing up during the exact time that i have been educating myself about malocclusion and its effects.  Unfortunately at the time he was born I was still only applying my knowledge to myself, and it took me up until about his 14th month before i started taking notice of the fact that he was mouth breathing (a dentist actually pointed out the fact that he had his mouth open in almost all of my facebook posts).  So that is roughly when I began my war on his mouth breathing.

How have I carried out my ‘war’ for the past nearly two years?

  1. Diet – a couple years back i had read Weston Price and of course was enthralled.  So we switched to mostly organic foods and began giving him cod liver oil and K2 supplements.
    weston price
  2. Hard food – in 2014 i was also reading a lot about Orthotropics and so put a lot of effort into getting him to eat hard foods like beef jerkies, steak, etc.
  3. Reminding him to keep his mouth closed – after watching a video of Mike Mew doing this with his own child about a year and a half ago, i’ve also been an absolute pest about this with my son.  I mean an absolute pest even in public.. to the extent that other parents think i am strange (note that after what I went thru in 2014 b/c of this stuff and the fact that i wore ugly splints in my mouth for well over a year.. my ‘not giving a shit about what other people think’ factor is quite high.   Probably too high actually..
  4. Myobrace – i’ve been using myobraces with him on and off for the past 18 months or so.  And find this to be a great tool for getting him to switch from mouth to nose breathing…  in particular by giving him gulps of water with it in every time he drops his mouth open.
  5. Myomunchie – also i’ve seen inconsistent success in this appliance which ive used on and off for nearly a year.myomunchie
  6. Tongue positioner -i tried this appliance for a couple months back a year ago and found it to be useless, so haven’t used it since.
  7. Sunlight – after reading about the massive D3 sufficiency in humans and deciding to take superdoses of D3 myself, i have tried to maximize my son’s exposure to the sun. In particular when we lived in Vietnam.
  8. A splint that slightly raised the height of his back teeth – i was given this one at the outset of this year by my dentist and have seen some success with it.  Basically it was designed to open up airway space and encourage his second molars to extrude further.
  9. Osteopath – ive taken him to several osteopaths to ensure everything  was moving and functioning correctly… and found this to be of minimal use.
I’ve had some success with these techniques and have probably tried many others that i am forgetting at the moment, but can honestly say that despite all this effort I have far from won the war.  He still has an upper jaw that is too small for his tongue and so his tongue posture is low, and his airway space is compromised causing him to mouth breathe.  And so we are now gearing up to put ALF on my son, which is supposedly quite consistent in bringing results.
But now back to the main point of my article…  for about the past two years I have been a keen observer of the behavior of not just my son but also other kids (and note that we have a very high exposure to kids as parents).  And what i have noticed is the following:
  1. when nose breathing my son is always calm and does not get emotional.  I am talking pretty much ALWAYS.  Meaning i do not remember a single exception to this rule…
  2. The only times he cries and acts up are when he is mouth breathing.  And note that this happens on average a few times a day at least.
  3. If he was sleeping with his mouth open he is often quite cranky after he woke up.  And if he was not, than it is always a calm morning for him.  Again, i do not exaggerate when I say ALWAYS.
  4. He pays attention and learns much better when he is nose breathing (ie. i definitely see the connection of mouthbreathing to ADD)
  5. He never hits another child when he is nose breathing… but has done so many times when mouth breathing.
  6. When we spend time with parents of kids who are 100% nose breathers we see a blaring difference in terms of behavior.  Their kids are always much calmer and less apt to emotional outbreaks.

This pattern has been  so stupidly obvious to me that I do not bother wasting any more time reading the numerous books that we had originally bought on child raising/behavior and instead focus my effort on conquering this single arch enemy…  mouth breathing!



And so every time my mother or friends of ours decide to tell us their philosophy on child behavior, i just smile politely and nod my head while thinking to myself that they are so full of it.  A pattern that has consistently proven itself correct time and again on a daily basis for two years ceases to become a hypothesis in my view… and simply becomes fact.

Is malocclusion nature’s way of controlling population growth

When you study the history of the planet you note that nature has cleverly found ways of keeping things in check to prevent the earth’s resources from being depleted.  For example the Ice Age ended dinosaurs’ dominance and cleared the way for new organisms to rule the earth.  And growing up i often thought to myself… “what is it that is going to keep humans’ population growth in check?”  I mean let’s be honest… if you look at the rate at which we are soiling the planet and depleting its resourcing, it is completely unsustainable.  Either we are going to destroy things making it unlivable for everyone, or nature is going to find a way of balancing things out to prevent that from happening.
And i have always tended to think that the answer is the latter.  Which is in part why i dont get all worked up about things like Trump’s latest act to pull us out of the Paris Climate Deal.  While I always had a feeling something was coming, I never had a good feel on exactly what it was that nature was going to design to keep us humans in check. For awhile i thought it was going to be HIV but then we outsmarted its growth and managed to curb it.  Now it seems to be a new flock of heart and neurological diseases that i believe are all rootcaused in the same thing… malocclusion.

Think about it…  Malocclusion is the PERFECT way to stem population growth

Why?  Well let’s see…

1. With each generation it will get harder for people to reproduce physically.  Just look at how hard it is for modern women to get pregnant and have a natural birth.  It is getting rarer and rarer.  Think Potter’s Cats… the fourth generation of cats eating processed foods could not reproduce.

2. If people start having health issues in their early 20’s due to their own malocclusion they will feel less secure about the future and not want to take on the responsibility of having multiple children.  I am a perfect example of this.  And I know many of other couples who are in a similar boat.

3. People will die earlier due to heart diseases, neurological diseases and other problems brought on by their malocclusion.
So will malocclusion end up being the thing that ends up saving the world by putting human population growth into decline?  I have a feeling it will.

Will we all be telling our kids to marry someone from the third world?

For the past few months living here in America one pattern has become painfully clear.  Americans’ occlusions and bodies are really screwed up and the best looking people are consistently immigrants.  And the immigrants that are clearly the best looking are the ones that are coming from the poorer countries… like Africa or South America.

So why is it that people that have a family heritage of multiple generations having lived in America are the worst affected?

Well there is definitely something about each generation being a bit worse than the one previous.  It is very much like the Potter’s Cats story where each succeeding generation of cats that were eating processed milk and meat were much worse off then the one previous.  Till finally by the fourth generation they could no longer reproduce.  Meanwhile the raw milk/meat cats were going as strong in the 4th generation as the 1st.


And this trend is probably due to the diet.

It is classic Weston Price…  he proved this stuff with numbers back in the 1920’s and yet to this day we still don’t get it.  And Americans have been eating this processed crap for among the longest of any country so naturally we are among the worst off.  With perhaps the only exception being the UK.  And just the other day I was talking to someone else in one of the forums from the UK and he was saying that in the UK most English people have already started to be much more attracted to immigrants.  And that the notion that you should ‘marry a foreigner’ for its genetic benefits is already a fairly common one.

I have a feeling the US is soon to follow suit.  People will be blatantly looking to marry people that have come from the third world.. in particular places like Africa and South America.  Because this will give their kids the absolute best chance of being as healthy as possible, and thus also give their kid the best chance of success in life.

Hell… if I knew what I knew now I’d probably be using the same strategy in selecting a partner.  Luckily in marrying my Ukrainian wife four years back, I inadvertently did…  lol.




Ballet Dancers: Perfect Example of the Jaw-Posture Connection

In Boston I work by Copley Square, which also happens to be where there is a well-known ballet center.  And so almost every morning and evening on my way to the T-station I see ballet dancers.

Now what is the thing you notice first about ballet dancers?

I used to think it was their posture…  but in fact I don’t think it is….  Their posture is not all that different from your well structured Joe.   But rather it is their jawline that truly differentiates them as the structurally elite.  They all have perfect horizontal jawlines from a profile view.

We all see this for many years  our entire life but never take notice to the fact.  We never put the connection together that perhaps it is not a mere coincidence that these athletes who by definition have amazing flexibility and strength for their size, also happen to always have a perfectly horizontal jawline.

If you were to tell a person to simply look at ballet dancers’ profiles… they should with time convince themselves of the fact that  to have terrific flexibility, you need a great jawline.  Now sure, they could of course hypothesize the reverse… that the ballet dancers first created great bodies and flexibility and this then gave them these amazing jawline.  But a bit of experimentation on yourself should pretty much negate this possibility.  Even when I worked out like a feign as part of my high school lacrosse team and then later in my mid-20’s, I never changed my jawline much.


So rather it is quite clear to me (and should be to the general public) that to have the type of flexibility and body structure that elite ballet dancers have, you need to have developed a terrific jawline.
And if you were a pro ballet scout, this would in fact narrow your search for who had ‘amazing’ potential considerably.  You could just search for people that have these amazing jawlines, and probably with some hard work, you could eventually convert them into amazing ballet dancers.
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