So what do I mean with this rather dark title?  Basically I mean that when your body starts falling forward or laterally that kicks off a cycle of events that sooner or later result in your death.  Below is the lateral collapse cycle but there is also a forward collapse cycle in which the head moves further and further forward in order to keep the airway open as the mandible is essentially rotating back into the airway.  This is why old people are bent forward… it has little to nothing to do with the health of the bones themselves.

The lateral collapse cycle

The death itself will come in the form of one of the typical ones, which in America are  (in Ranking order):

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
  4. Accidents
  5. Stroke
  6. Alzheimer’s
  7. Diabetes
  8. ..

And basically I am making the bold statement that all of these with the exception of accidents are dental in origin.  Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Strokes, and Diabetes are very directly due to the collapse cycle that malocclusion kicks off, whereas the others are perhaps a bit less direct but most likely very linked.

So where did I come to this rather controversial hypothesis?

Well basically about a year and a half back I was watching this video of Dr. Larry Ltyle, who is a pretty well known (but highly controversial) doctor that was a student of  Dr. Aelred C. Fonder, known as one of the fathers of understanding the whole body connection to malocclusion.  And at around the 10 minute mark in the video he mentions a Harvard Study of 33,000 people that has been carried out over four generations and concludes that:

  1. Heart disease is in fact the leading cause of death (as ranked above)
  2. However the typical factors that doctors and the media point to had little correlation to heart disease.  These include:
    1. High cholesterol
    2. Exercise
    3. Obesity
    4. High Triglycerides
  3. And rather that the highest correlating factor to heart disease was in fact how many teeth you were missing.  And basically that if you were missing 10+ teeth than basically you had a 60% chance of having heart disease already.

Larry Ltyle

So after watching the video, I went searching for this study to validate that what he quoted was correct.  And I found what I believe is the study that he cites, which is the same one that CBS is talking about in this article that states there are 33,097 participants.  And it is mentioned on the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Health website in this article.  And the scope of the study definitely sounds in line with what Dr. Lytle mentions, however I have not been able to find the exact findings that he boldly states in his video.  The question I find myself asking is why?

Option 1: Is he lying?  Or perhaps was he lied to?  I fail to see the motivation and so I think this is less likely.

Option 2: Is Harvard not publishing those elements widely because they so directly conflict with what pharma companies have been trying to brainwash us with for decades?   I find this one more likely.

harvard study

In any case, I will not belabor the point as there is no way of truly knowing until Harvard opens its closets a bit more…  But what I will say is that since watching that video about a year and a half back I have paid close attention anytime I heard of anyone dying.  Either friends or friends of friends or people on the news, etc.  And what have I observed?

Pretty much 100% of these people are bent over in some shape or form and often their occlusion is very screwed up.  I literally have not seen a person that died in the past year and a half who was standing straight with good posture and had very good occlusion.  Which has led me to two hypotheses:

  1. You die when you fall.  Most likely because it triggers compensations in your skeleton and skull that impact vital things like your brain and organs.  Plus you see Dr. Nordstrom’s research about how malocclusion is likely at the root cause of almost all neurological diseases.
  2. If you can prevent yourself from falling, you can probably keep yourself from dying till a nice ripe age.  And what I’ve observed consistently here is that older folks who were tremendous athletes or perhaps world-class models are looking great and are amazingly healthy well into their 70’s and 80’s when most others are already kicking the bucket.  Have a look at Christie Brinkley as a classic example.

gerald smith

And am I alone in saying this stuff?  No.  Dr. Gerald Smith, a very well known dentist who is now an avid proponent of the ALF appliance, boldly stated based on his many years of working side-by-side with medical doctors that he thinks that 70%+ of all medical illnesses are dental in origin.