This is a book about Malocclusion and its far reaching impacts on the skull, your spine, your health, your appearance, and so so so much more….  And actually most of what you had been taught about the way health and life works…  is wrong.

Why do people die?  Some of the top specialists in the world in this area estimate that 70% of all deaths are dental in origin.

What is probably the most important factor to success in life?  Strangely it is probably your voice.  And most of what gives you vocal resonance is actually in the alignment of your skull bones and spine.

Research is now showing that almost all neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s are due to abrasions of your cranial sutures that are due to malocclusion.

Obesity, the US’s #1 problem, is actually almost completely root caused in the development of your dental occlusion as this is what then twists your bones and creates obesity.

Find out more about this and lots of other interesting facts that will challenge  many of your core beliefs about how health and life work…  based on my last three years having done Starecta for 1.5 years and getting rid of all TMJ symptoms, undergoing ALF treatment with a top US dentist, having been to various osteopaths/ABC chiropractors, and having done tons of self-experimentation in things like myofunctional work, etc..  Plus I’ve spent over 1000 hours researching the topic of malocclusion/TMJ, chatting and speaking with numerous top dentists  in the field from around the globe, and speaking to hundreds of patients on online facebook groups and other online communities.

So where did I get the name “Occlivion”?  And the tagline “When Occlusion and the Oblivion collide”?

Well basically if you have read the Pottenger Cats Study you will know that there were two groups of cats: those eating processed foods and those on their native diet.  The ones that ate their native raw milk / raw meat diet were fine in each succeeding generation.  The ones eating the processed food had malocclusion and skull deformities that got worse and worse with each succeeding generation until finally by the fourth generation they could no longer reproduce at all.  Read more details about the study here.

Think about the parallel with humans and how malocclusion has become so prevalent.  And also how many women you see having difficulties getting pregnant or giving a natural birth these days.  I believe we are seeing the Pottenger Cats Study play out in humans.

And so who am I?


I suffered for a wide variety of symptoms for nearly 20 years going to 100+ doctors and then dentists till I figured this stuff out by complete chance

I went from being on the brink of giving up in 2014 to leading a successful and healthy life again

And now I am saving my wife and 3-year old son.

This is my story.   This is my gift to you. And to humanity.

Because quite literally…  I am scared about what this stuff means for the future.