I’ve decided to do a summary of this video by Dr. Larry Lytle at the request of Dr. Mike Mew.  I’d actually seen this video close to two years ago and founded it groundbreaking at the time… and since then it’s laid some of the foundation to my thinking (as being complementary to the base principles behind Starecta).


One important bit of research i did after seeing  the video was actually looking up who this guy was?  Because at first sight he seemed quite controversial as a guy that was thrown into jail in January of this year under a fraud charge for selling lasers.  But after digging a bit further you actually see that he was a student of Dr. Al Fonder / Casey Guzay and the line of thinking that they began.  And perhaps what is being deemed as ‘fraud’ is at least in part true?  Here is a very interesting article that sheds more light on him.  In my view he was probably more correct than everyone accepted (in raising the height of the back teeth) but was practicing dental treatments that were simply not the ‘textbook’ variety…   hmmm


I’ve decided to break down the video into ten different parts for discussion  purposes:


1.The history of Dr. A.B. Leeds & Willie May

Dr. Lytle talks about the historical Dr. A.B. Leeds who apparently was the physician  of tons of historical folks like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Patton, and Stalin.  My first reaction was… “wow…  was there really one guy who was so good that he was helping both Stalin and US Presidents?  Did this guy really exist?”


My next major reaction was…  Was JFK really wearing a bite splint similar to the Starecta one that saved me? The video says he was probably wearing one when he got shot…  and by judging from this photo it definitely looks like he ‘may’ be wearing something with no frontal contact, which would be why you don’t see his lower teeth when he smiles (note that smiling this way where your lower teeth don’t show is not natural or comfortable).


And I knew he had back problems.  But to think that a dentist had figured this stuff out back then and was even using the principles with JFK in the 70’s it had me thinking….  what the hell has happened these past 50 years?  We have been living in a time warp that i had to figure this stuff out by chance in 2014 from some Italians that are not even licensed dentists!!!  People still look at me today with cross eyes when i tell them that i ridded myself of my back and neck tightness with a dental splint.


My last reaction here was to the quote that was made to the effect of… “If you apply this dental splint by about mid-life you can add about 10 years to your life.”  This quote has resonated with me ever since i first watched this video in 2015 and i’ve quoted it myself more than a few times to folks that i talk to.  Given the progress i saw in my own health after finding starecta in late 2014, i 100% believe it to be true.  If not massively understated as i probably would have died within a few years if i hadnt found Starecta at the time.


2.The ‘Harvard Study’

Dr. Lytle makes reference to a Harvard Study where it tracked 33,000 people for a long period of time and looked into the causes of death.  Basically concluding that the typical correlation factors like obesity, smoking, high  triglycerides, high cholesterol had little correlation whereas the highest correlating factor was how many teeth you were missing.  With a 68% risk of heart disease if you had ten or more teeth missing.

Now my first reaction at the time was to look up this Harvard study because it seemed super strange to me that he was ‘told about this study from his mentor but could  not find it himself.”  And so i looked it up and found a study that is similar to what he references that has been carried out for about 40+ years by the Harvard Nutritional Department and looks into things like causes of death.  However despite applying my fairly strong Google skills i could not find anything that said the things that he mentioned.  And so i actually believe this is at least in part an exaggeration.  And knowing also what i now believe to be true about obesity being caused by the twisting of the body due to maloclussion, i also find it difficult to believe that obesity would not have highly correlated with earlier death.  And there are probably plenty of other studies that document a strong link there.


So my end conclusion here was that yes, there was a Harvard study that sounds like it covered this topic and was probably the one that was referred to.  But the results that Dr. Lytle mentions are likely an exaggeration as they cannot be found anywhere online, and i doubt that there is some type of conspiracy to hide it.


3.Koichi Miura’s Studies

This guy Koichi Miura is another one that has mystified me the last couple of years.  You hear about his groundbreaking studies with guinea pigs and dogs wearing occlusal support only one side and getting all kinds of issues, and the kamikaze fighter pilots who had their teeth pulled in favor of dentures to prevent them from passing out when in their death dive, and the fact that something like 100,000+ people in Japan were treated with splints that were based on his teachings, and you are left thinking that you should be able to find tons of info about this guy online.  But this is definitely not the case in English.  It is extremely hard to find much about him at all.


Does this mean he did not exist?  For sure not.  He definitely did exist and definitely did carry out these studies that were mentioned.  Note that I’ve also heard his name referred to by several others over the past couple of years.  But for some reason the West has not really paid much attention to the guy.  And it does not seem like Japan today is far ahead of the rest of the world in its understanding of this stuff the way that you would expect if he really did have such a huge influence so many years ago.  Anyway, given that this mystery could only probably be solved by reading Japanese fluently, i dont think i’ll be able to crack it.  And welcome someone else to try.



Dr. Lytle mentions the Pottenger cat study, which is very well documented online and seems to be studied by most nutrition majors.  I’ve been  referring to the Pottenger study for a couple of years and it lays the foundation to how i came up with the book name ‘Occlivion’…  as i am essentially inferring a dark decline and perhaps even end to the human race due to similar things that happened to the processed food cats in Pottenger’s study. So I am 100% positive that this study existed and had the results that Dr. Lytle refers to, but at the same time there is a ton of controversey and challenge online about the fact that while it applies to cats, it does not apply to humans for many reasons.  I believe there have been similar studies on other animals trying to replicate similar results since that time, so if any of you readers find interesting  such  studies, please do mention them in the comments.


5.Weston Price

Dr. Lytle mentions Weston Price and the work he did travelling around the world to study indigenous populations.  Having read Price’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” I can say that i have zero doubts on this one.  It’s extremely powerful stuff that had me thinking about two years back when i read it…  “What the hell????  How is it that this stuff is not known by everybody?”   I mean… the results are so blatantly obvious… the guy showed in each part of the world that he visited that the indigenous people that lived on their native diet were perfectly healthy with great skulls and teeth.  Whereas the people with the same genetics who grew up nearby in a town on  a ‘western’ diet had major maloclussions,  skull misformations, high cavity rates, high TB rates, and in general died much earlier.  Being a scientist, he even  backed it all up with numbers and documented his findings with photographic evidence.

And once you see that he was getting the results consitently among different types of people in Alaska, Switzerland, Africa, South America, the US, etc you are really left with zero doubts.  This book is mandatory reading to all of you.  And it is the groundwork that changes everything  in  my view.


6.Quadrant theorem

The quadrant theorem  by the engineer, Casey Guzay, is another one that has mystified my curiosity over the past couple of years.  The idea that you can break the skull up into  four quadrants and need to correct the collapsing quadrant is something that resonates very well with me and those that have done starecta.  As Starecta essentially is built upon the philosophy that the skull sinks in certain quadrants and that you correct it by raising the bite and correcting the jaw to skull ratio, which essentially puts the skull back over the skeleton over time.

I also think its extremely important to remember what he wrote about the fact that the jaw does not articulate in the jaw joint but rather just glides there, whereas the real articulation occurs between the 1st & 2nd vertebra by 68 pairs of muscles.  This is so extremely powerful as i have learned over the years that i highly recommend you think about and visualize this for like 10 minutes.  As this essentially explains why when your jaw is off (ie.  the jaw to skull ratio is off) this then messes up the position of your c1/c2 (ie.  the top of your cervical spine).  And this can then cause a twisting domino effect downward  onto the entire spine.  And voila.. you have the core understanding that drives both Starecta and Marcello’s splint method.


I’ve done some additional reading (whatever i could find) about Guzay over the past year or so and find his stuff great.  In particular the fact that it all just comes down to basic physics, which has been a core belief of mine for quite awhile.



7.The Influence of the Autonomic nervous system

Dr. Lytle talks for quite awhile about the impact on proprioception and the autonomic nervous system (ie. the system that regulates all the involuntary stuff in your body like blood pressure, etc.).  Basically that the relationship of your lower jaw to the skull being altered results in faulty proprioception, which then throws the autonomic nervous system off, which in turn can throw the organs of the body off.  This is something that I 100% buy and it’s also a basis for how starecta works, which is all about correcting the jaw to skull ratio.

Dr. Lytle talks about how the autonomic nervous system splits into sympathetic (ie. ‘fight or flight’) and parasympathetic (ie. the side that calms you down).  And how if you have these two things in balance that its pretty much impossible to be sick.  I never thought of sickness in this way as i tended to look at it in terms of catching viruses, etc..   but it raised my curiosity and is something that i will research further.


He also mentions how most of the medical industry is about surpressing the sympathetic, whereas he believes the focus should rather be on stoking the parasympathetic through things like bite tabs and cold laser.  This is a logic that i also 100% buy into.  I was in the vicious cycle of taking medication to relax the muscles and calm things down for a number of years and it did zero to address the root cause.    And i only got out of that cycle with Starecta, which i definitely believe stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system as it has an amazing calming influence.


8.His view on raising the bite with ‘miracle bite tabs’

Dr. Lytle talks quite a bit towards the end of the video about using miracle bite tabs to raise the height of the bite.  He recommends using 10mm at night and 5mm during the day.  Citing that in blood studies of 100 people that 75 of them showed clearly better results simply by raising the bite up in this way, and without any drugs.  In the video and some other videos he shows what the materials that are behind these ‘miracle tabs’ and you quickly see that it is simply polymorph, the plastic that goes soft in boiling water and then hardens as it cools.  I remember re-watching this video about a year back and smiling widely when i recognized that fact.  Because almost two years back i followed Marcello’s step in starting to use polymorph on my Starecta splint as it allowed me to iterate faster.  And i believe marcello actually got that idea by watching this video.

The one thing that i disagree with Lytle on is that raising the height of the back teeth is the end goal.  Here is where i believe he was a bit shortsighted.  The end goal is to move the skull back over the axis of the skeleton and to get the cranial bones back to symmetry (ie. with a correct jaw<>skull ratio).  And this is why when i did starecta i did not immediately get out of all of my symptoms in late 2014 just by raising the height of the back teeth (and neither did the many others who have done the starecta process successfully).  And it wasn’t until some months later when the bones started shifting into a better position that the things like blurriness of vision, neck tightness and brain fog lifted.  As Marcello states.. the process to fix this stuff is basically to use a lower splint with height to lift the skull and move it back over the skeleton, while in the process allowing the spine to realign correctly underneath the newly positioned skull.  Then you slowly lower the skull back onto the spine by reducing the height of the splint and using ALF to align cranial bones and the TMJ to adjust to this new position.


9.Calming the nervous system with cold laser

The thing that is perhaps most synonymous with Dr.  Lytle is his use of cold laser with patients.  In fact he started selling one specific model that he highly recommended and can be found on all types of youtube videos pushing the effects of this laser.  I made the move of trying some cold laser soon after i saw this video and found it helpful.  But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that i decided to buy myself one (a relatively cheap one as opposed to the $1000+ model that Dr. Lytle was selling) and started exploring more deeply exactly how this works.  But i am really liking the results so far.

As Lytle points out in his video, you basically search for the sore areas,  in particular in the ptyergoids, which are typically painfully tight due to the muscles being overactive holding the jaw incorrectly on a lateral or vertical dimension.  And so by relaxing this muscle you allow the bones to move easier and assume a new, more correct position.  My results of combining this with Starecta over the last couple weeks are very promising so far and i believe this to be a powerful facilitator to the starecta method.


10.Why old people fall forward and eventually did?

Near the end of the video Dr. Lytle talks about how older people losing the height on their back teeth (through grinding and many years of use) results in them having to move their head forward to maintain the integrity of their airway (which reduces bloodflow to the brain while also impeding breathing).  And that it is this moving of the head forward that results in the entire body starting to arch forward over time as you see with many old folks.  I have been observing this for over two years and have no doubts of this being true.  Old people falling forward has zero to do with their bones/skeleton just getting weaker over time and has 100% to do with their dentition.  Just look at the teeth of the old folks that are still healthy and standing straight vs. the ones who are falling forward and you will see the pretty much 100% correlation that i have.


Then take it a step further and you will note that all those folks who are falling forward are the ones who are having the heart attacks, cancer, neurological diseases, etc.  Whereas the ones that are still standing in good posture seem to be maintaining their health really well.  Makes complete sense that if your spine starts twisting (eg. into a scoliosis) it will push all the organs inside the body (like the heart) around and eventually you will have all sorts of major problems.  And its after making that observation for about a two year period that i came up with my own quote on this stuff….  “When you fall, you die.  Period.”