When you study the history of the planet you note that nature has cleverly found ways of keeping things in check to prevent the earth’s resources from being depleted.  For example the Ice Age ended dinosaurs’ dominance and cleared the way for new organisms to rule the earth.  And growing up i often thought to myself… “what is it that is going to keep humans’ population growth in check?”  I mean let’s be honest… if you look at the rate at which we are soiling the planet and depleting its resourcing, it is completely unsustainable.  Either we are going to destroy things making it unlivable for everyone, or nature is going to find a way of balancing things out to prevent that from happening.
And i have always tended to think that the answer is the latter.  Which is in part why i dont get all worked up about things like Trump’s latest act to pull us out of the Paris Climate Deal.  While I always had a feeling something was coming, I never had a good feel on exactly what it was that nature was going to design to keep us humans in check. For awhile i thought it was going to be HIV but then we outsmarted its growth and managed to curb it.  Now it seems to be a new flock of heart and neurological diseases that i believe are all rootcaused in the same thing… malocclusion.

Think about it…  Malocclusion is the PERFECT way to stem population growth

Why?  Well let’s see…

1. With each generation it will get harder for people to reproduce physically.  Just look at how hard it is for modern women to get pregnant and have a natural birth.  It is getting rarer and rarer.  Think Potter’s Cats… the fourth generation of cats eating processed foods could not reproduce.

2. If people start having health issues in their early 20’s due to their own malocclusion they will feel less secure about the future and not want to take on the responsibility of having multiple children.  I am a perfect example of this.  And I know many of other couples who are in a similar boat.

3. People will die earlier due to heart diseases, neurological diseases and other problems brought on by their malocclusion.
So will malocclusion end up being the thing that ends up saving the world by putting human population growth into decline?  I have a feeling it will.