Ok so yes I know its a super radical title and you are probably thinking…  “yeah yeah this guy is full of it”…  but hear me out for a minute.

I came up with the title due to my own experience.  In 2014 I was having horrible symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, blurriness of vision and lots of muscle tension through my back and neck.  Also my neurological system was definitely impacted and I was very emotional and had unhealthy thoughts every evening.  It was as if my brain had lost its ability to think rationally and was instead jumping between extreme emotions.

It was at that time that I was arguing with my wife nearly every night.  The main reason in my mind was that I needed to ‘toughen’ her up for a life in which she may need to be the main breadwinner in case I never figured out the solution to my problems, which by the way I hadn’t figured out in 15+ years of visiting ~100 docs/dentists.  And so at the time the odds looked pretty slim of me figuring it out.  And by the way at the time, due to the brain fog, I would have been lucky if I could have held down a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s.  In fact every night I would dream of not having to return to work the next morning, and instead longed for a simple job at McDonald’s or something like that.

So it was not surprising, having just given birth to her first child back in fall 2014, that my wife did not take well to these arguments that I triggered.  Especially since she was born as a traditional Ukrainian woman where the man was supposed to be the breadwinner and women were supposed to take care of the kids.   And it was not long before I could honestly say that our marriage was seriously on the rocks.  For awhile I had constant fears of my wife asking for a divorce and her moving back to Ukraine with my child without me.  This luckily did not happen as I found Starecta in November 2014 and started ridding myself of the symptoms within the next several months.  The impact on my behavior, my confidence, and our marriage was immediate.  Things started improving fast and I stopped having the irrational thoughts.  And stopped all of the stupid arguments.  And since then our marriage has been quite healthy and I have never had thoughts anything like what was happening on a daily basis back in mid-2014.

So reflecting on this experience I started paying attention to other marriages for the past year or so.  And generally observed the following:

  1. Most of the relationships I see among friends/people I know, which are not doing well, have at least one person with fairly bad maloclussion.  This also goes for every couple I know that has divorced.
  2. Every couple I have seen where neither person has a malocclusion was very healthy.  Admittedly I only know a handful of these but they are all the ‘lovey-dovey’ types who piss everyone off by doing cheezy lovey-dovey stuff like they just started dating even though they have been together for a number of years.

Why do I think this happens?

  1. One person is thinking irrationally / emotionally due to the neurological system
  2. The person without the malocclusion will start to feel a dis-balance in the relationship.  They married a person that they considered their equal, but then all of a sudden some years on their partner has clearly declined significantly.  In some cases having put on a lot of weight due to the body compensation as a result of the malocclusion.
  3. The malocclusion puts pressure on the couple’s financial situation.  Often the person impacted does not perform as well at work, the medical bills start racking up, etc.
  4. The malocclusion also impacts the social circle of the couple.  The person impacted will tend to socialize less over time and perhaps lose touch with having an active social life.  And this will put pressure on the couple as the less effected person will find this strange and want to socialize more.

Do I think every couple that divorces is due to malocclusion?

No of course not. But do I think its probably at the root cause of a very high percentage?  Yes.

Do I expect you to just believe me after reading this article?

No, you would be a fool to.

But do I challenge you to begin observing for some of the things I have stated above?