I was browsing my facebook newsfeed yesterday when I came upon an old college friend that I hadn’t seen in many years and hadn’t seen a post from in a long time.  What surprised me by the photo was what did not surprise me…  that she looked amazing.  Even better at the age of 40 then she did when I knew her at the age of 20.  Beautiful smile and perfect body with features that seemed not a day older than 30.

We had traveled together on the Semester at Sea program back in 1998 and while she was attractive, what defined her most was an amazing smile.  She smiled superbly with ease and could light up a room with her smile.  Also she seemed to always be happy and upbeat, even when the situation or company around her was not.  At the time I thought these were mysteriously amazing facets of her personality… now I understand them to be completely common elements when you have such amazing dental and facial development (=proper hormone flow).

Meanwhile I kept browsing and saw several old high school friends… they almost all fit into the fat and highly aged category.  Despite the fact that I remember most of them being skinny in high school.


So why is it that very good smiles lead us to age much better?  Well its simple actually… our skulls and skeletons breakdown faster with asymmetry.  As you would expect any structure that abides by the laws of physics to.  Just think of a car that you continue to drive after it is out of alignment… what will happen?  It will breakdown much faster and in general you will put far more wear and tear into it.

Athletes, models, and attractive actors are all pretty good examples of this fact…  for example:

  1. Sean Connery
    sean connery
  2. Christie Brinkley
    christie brinkley
  3. Carmen Del Orifice (82)