First let me start off by stating clearly the fact that I have discovered nothing here.  It was all Marcello.  That guy is a friggin genius and I honestly believe he’s one of the greatest minds out there on this topic.  Despite the fact that he has no dental degree.  But he is mix of researcher and health hacker like me.  Only he is loads better then me at understanding how all the technical details work.

So what was discovered?  Well basically even as far back as two years ago Marcello was saying in his posts that the condylar shaped cusps of your molars are critical to correct posture (see his post about condylar shaped teeth here).  Because when you have a proper intercuspal bite the upper  and lower cusps fit into each neatly and contain the torque forces that are generated when you chew.

However if you no longer have cusps, or if you have an edge-to-edge or a cross-bite than essentially the torque forces are no longer contained. And instead translate onto your spine twisting it like a rope.

And Marcello was a perfect example of this when his cusps were drilled off by a dentist and he rapidly fell into cervical dystonia.  Now I’d been hearing this for over two years but never truly ‘got it’ till recently.

To understand why i’ll back up and give a bit of history.  In 2014 I had horrible symptoms like brain fog, chronic fatigue, and tightness in my back and neck all the time.  By chance I found Starecta and it took me out of my symptoms, and then got me into some amazing posture.  I felt better than I had for like 20 years with my testosterone levels on full charge back in 2015.  But then  for some reason the progress flatlined and even reversed at some points as I kept experimenting and iterating.  While the symptoms never came back, I was never quite able to get back t how great I felt in mid-2015.

Then in mid-2016 I started ALF and while I got some good expansion of the arches and skull, my body and posture seemed to even get worse.  I didn’t quite get why till I put cusps back on my lower splint (note that the lower splint I had been using was more or less flat plane).  The cusps of starecta prevent the torque forces from translating onto the spine.  So by using cusps (i was just using the inner cusps at the time) I was gradually able to improve my posture a bit.  But still never to the point that I had achieved in 2015.

That is when I tried the crossbite splint.

The crossbite splint works by directing the torque forces that are generated when you chew to essentially untwist your spine.  You do this by supporting only a single side of the cusps on both the left and right arch as you see in the pic of the crossbite splint above. Read more about it on Marcello’s blog here.

And its genius because essentially wearing this for one day is like seeing an osteopath and doing exercises for a year.  Think about it…  if you twisted a rope (ie. your spine) what is the best way to untwist it?  You need to untwist it from the top or bottom.  And the crossbite splint essentially untwists from the top.  Everything that body workers do in the middle of the rope is essentially a waste of time because it never untwists anything.

Here is a good explanation by Marcello on a comment he made recently…

crossbite splint


So what are the implications  of this?

Well let me just state straight out that the implications are huge.




Why?  Because this exact thing explains why 90% of the population around me here in the US is walking around twisted (and mind you that after awhile of being twisted all the time, obesity almost always closely follows).  Just have a look at how people walk around you…  how twisted their knees and pelvises are.  The stuff is rampant.

And basically if you don’t have an intercuspal locking bite like this one below (which probably around 90% of modern people do not have due to malocclusion) than essentially the torque that should have been contained in your condylar shaped teeth are translated onto your spine.  And your spine starts to twist up like a rope. It is as simple as that!!

intercuspal bite

So does this mean that every single child in America who does not have an intercuspal locking bite will essentially have their spine twist up?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.  And you see it all around you.  Just open your eyes.

Does this probably explain why America and western countries are so obese?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.


So how do we fix ourselves or our kids?

Well it’s simple actually?  You untwist their spine and then  ensure that they lock that position in with a proper intercuspal bite.  And for this your tools of the trade are a crossbite splint and starecta.  Pure and simple.


Doing this will also give you some great symmetry and muscle tone in your face

I am a perfect example… I started using the crossbite splint on Sunday and the change in the muscle tone and symmetry  of my face are pretty damn amazing.  I won’t post here because I don’t really like posting pics of myself publicly, so you will need to take my word for it.  And simply try it for yourself and see just how powerful this is.

Here is an explanation for this effect that Marcello wrote


So let me end this by saying a few things…

… is this probably one of the biggest goddamn missing pieces in the puzzle that even the top dentists in the world are missing?  YES

…will the majority of the world probably not get this message for another generation or so, and result in twisted adults with shitloads of health problems (like neurological diseases)?  YES

…is it possible that this above point completely bankrupts the medical system in the US?  YES