So let me start off by saying that I spent the first 38 of my 40 years believing what everyone else does.  That you get fat by eating too much and doing too little exercise.  And while I’ve been skinny for most of my life I have tried things like Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Body diet (high fat / low carb / 1-cheat day) to shed pounds and get more tone.  Which taught me the important lesson that the body does not work on calories in / calories burned because I essentially increased my calorie intake by 50-70% while doing the same amount of exercise, and shed significant weight.  That was back in 2009-11.

Fast forward a few years to mid-2015.  I was about 6 months into Starecta to correct some horrible symptoms like brain fog and muscle tightness in my neck and back when I noticed that my body was getting toner and toner without me doing anything.  I was, in general, doing less exercise than I had in the past 5 years and yet shedding pounds and developing perhaps the best body I had in my life.  I even got so cocky at one point as to eat cheesecake before bed every night and pasta for dinner most nights, and I was still shedding weight.

Not only that but my body was getting more symmetric (ie. my shoulders became more level) and I started to feel significantly more testosterone than I had in a long time.  At the time I had only a rudimentary understanding of why this was happening, but with my numerous iterations over the past couple years I feel like I understand it much better.  When the spine unwinds and the skull begins to sit back over its axis on top of the skeleton, the entire body starts returning to symmetry and everything works much better….  hormones, you develop muscle faster, your immune system works better, you feel more energy, you feel stronger, etc.

So now let’s get back to my thesis… that all obesity is dental in origin

I will approach this by listing out observations:

  1. For the past two years I’ve been paying attention to skulls and body structures of pretty much everyone I pass.  Yes, I mean pretty much everyone.  Thousands and thousands of people…. And what I noticed is that 100% of obese people are twisted.  Meaning that if you compare their legs to a pro athlete or a model, you would see very clearly that they are more twisted.
  2. For the past ~2 years I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to kids as I have my own three year old son and have been waging war against his mouth breathing.  What I noticed after watching probably thousands of other kids his age is that many have already started to get chubby.  And those who are chubby also have twisted legs.  There are also those who have twisted legs and are not chubby yet (like my son).  However there is absolutely no kids who are chubby that do not have twisted legs.
  3. What I have concluded from arguments 1 & 2 using Socrates type logic is:
    – since all obese people have twisted legs
    – and all kids twist first, then get obese and not vice versa
    – therefore obesity must be caused by twisting
  4. Note that what I am essentially saying is that 100% of obesity is due to twisting, but I AM NOT SAYING that everyone who is twisted will become obese.  And the reason for that is that the skeleton compensates for this twisting in different ways and a number of other factors are at play.  It is kind of like why buildings when they become faulty will collapse in different ways.

Now I will explain why twisting is due to maloclussion

5. There was a dentist named Gerber in the 1950’s from Zurich who created the concept of the ‘lingualized bite’.  Basically the inner (lingual) cusp of the upper molars should fit inside the cusp of the lower molars, which should be of a condylar shape.  Then during the act of chewing the torque that is generated is contained within this cusp rather than translating onto the spine.  But if the cusps are drilled off then basically the spine takes the torque and will, over time, twist.    Marcello explains this in his blog much better than I do here, so you can check that out here.  He also happens to be a perfect example of how this works.  Basically he had proper condylar shaped cusps and was a very healthy adult athlete who went to a dentist that believed the cusps were not needed and drilled them all off.  A day or so later Marcello was in cervical dystonia (ie. uncontrollable muscle spasms) with a twisted spine and was essentially a legal invalid.  Luckily he is one smart mofo and also came upon starecta, which mimics the cusps by using an indexed lower splint.  And over time he untwisted his spine and became fully functional.

6. So if you accept that if your upper molars do not fit inside your lower molars in a proper intercuspal bite that this will result in twisting of the spine… then you basically also accept that any kid or adult that has a maloclussion (like crossbite or edge-to-edge) where the teeth do not fit together like this will start to have his spine twist.  And what pediatric dentists will tell you these days is that probably 70%+ of kids (even at the toddler age) are in malocclusions like crossbite… and what I am seeing empirically is that about 70% of kids this age are twisted (though obesity is a bit less still).  On top of that, for the kids who are twisted whom I’ve had the opportunity to look inside their mouth (I’d put this number at around 40-50 in the past 2 years), they all had maloclussions where cusps did not fit together and lock properly.

Voila! You now understand why so many kids are twisting these days!  And as we proved that twisting results in obesity above, you now know why they get obese.

But hey wait…  doesn’t physics say that energy cannot be created or destroyed?  And therefore calories cannot mysteriously disappear but rather must be expended in some way.

7.  Answer: Yes.  So how are they expended faster in a healthier functioning body?  Why in 2015 did I get into great shape while eating more crap?  And here is where you must understand a bit about the neurological system.  One of the favorite tricks of certain ALF dentists is to show that you are much stronger when your teeth are correctly positioned and your tongue is on the roof of your mouth.  They demonstrate this thru a simple strength test by pushing down on your arm, and you notice that when your bite is in the correct position with tongue on roof you are 2-3x more effective at resisting.

So if you are essentially 2-3x stronger when your bite is in the correct position, would this not then infer that you are expending more calories to have this strength?  YES.  And this is why the laws of physics are not broken.


So a few last words…

Do I think there are missing pieces of the puzzle in what I have described above?


But do I also think that I am directionally very correct because I’ve seen this consistently in thousands of people over a two year period?

Also, yes.  And if you challenge yourself to make the same observations I’m pretty sure you’ll convince yourself of what I am saying.

Does this essentially mean that the entire world, and especially America, are approaching this obesity problem in a completely wrong way?

Definitely!  People are twisted and they are running and hitting the gym thinking that will make them better.  But the laws of physics dictate the exact opposite.  They will only twist themselves up more and make things worse.  Sure they may lose some weight in the short-term but they will put it back on later, and with a worse structure.


And I know there will be plenty of you that will conclude this to be BS… but just remember that at the end its pretty simple…

IF you can either show that not all obese people have twisted legs

OR that kids can get obese without twisting

THEN I am wrong and I will be the first to admit it (however this would come as a surprise as it contracts with what I’ve observed for nearly 2 years)

BUT if you cannot prove either of those statements, then I pretty much must be right.

BECAUSE if the obesity and twisting were mere correlation and not causal, it would be impossible statistically that all obese people are also twisted.

And that’s it folks…  there’s nothing like letting simple logic dictate who is right and wrong.