For the past few months living here in America one pattern has become painfully clear.  Americans’ occlusions and bodies are really screwed up and the best looking people are consistently immigrants.  And the immigrants that are clearly the best looking are the ones that are coming from the poorer countries… like Africa or South America.

So why is it that people that have a family heritage of multiple generations having lived in America are the worst affected?

Well there is definitely something about each generation being a bit worse than the one previous.  It is very much like the Potter’s Cats story where each succeeding generation of cats that were eating processed milk and meat were much worse off then the one previous.  Till finally by the fourth generation they could no longer reproduce.  Meanwhile the raw milk/meat cats were going as strong in the 4th generation as the 1st.


And this trend is probably due to the diet.

It is classic Weston Price…  he proved this stuff with numbers back in the 1920’s and yet to this day we still don’t get it.  And Americans have been eating this processed crap for among the longest of any country so naturally we are among the worst off.  With perhaps the only exception being the UK.  And just the other day I was talking to someone else in one of the forums from the UK and he was saying that in the UK most English people have already started to be much more attracted to immigrants.  And that the notion that you should ‘marry a foreigner’ for its genetic benefits is already a fairly common one.

I have a feeling the US is soon to follow suit.  People will be blatantly looking to marry people that have come from the third world.. in particular places like Africa and South America.  Because this will give their kids the absolute best chance of being as healthy as possible, and thus also give their kid the best chance of success in life.

Hell… if I knew what I knew now I’d probably be using the same strategy in selecting a partner.  Luckily in marrying my Ukrainian wife four years back, I inadvertently did…  lol.